HLMYC members have access to club equipment and enjoy free guidance on assembly of boats, sailing principles, and racing rules, strategy and etiquette.

Membership Dues:

 Adults: $20/year. Late-season registration of $10 for those joining after July 1st, and $5 for those joining after Oct. 1st.

 Juniors (14 years or younger): $10/year Late-season registration is $5 for those joining after July 1st, and $2.50 for those joining  after Oct. 1st. 

Given the low cost of our dues, we're using a cash accounting system rather then incurring the cost of a checking account. Dues may be paid to any officer at a regatta, one of the monthly membership meetings, or may be sent to the club treasurer Ken Hegy at 4650 Kirkwood St., Boulder, CO 80301.  For your convenience, we have placed an on-line registration form at the bottom of this page.

Membership in the American Model Yacht Association (AMYA) is strongly encouraged as an excellent means of learning this sport. Membership forms and information are available online at the AMYA website, or you may contact the AMYA Membership Secretary directly at 888-237-9524 (Toll-Free) or via email  by selecting "Membership Secretary" from the drop-down menu on the AMYA "Contact Us" web page.

To participate in club regattas, you must have a registered sail number printed on your sails in accordance with class rules. You can register your yacht with the Victoria class secretary for $7.00 by corresponding directly with them, or you can register your yacht at the same time you join the AMYA. This is the easiest way to obtain your sail number, and a single payment may be made securely over the telephone using a credit card. It helps to email the order form first, then call.